Monday, October 4, 2010


There are six days until our wedding.
That is 141 hours and 23 minutes.
8483 minutes
508980 seconds

Yes, I am freaking out.

There is so much to do.
I want everything to be perfect.

I am sitting at work, drowning in paperwork, yet all I can think about is the wedding...
There isn't much I can do from work. I did call this morning and cancel my bouquet. Instead, I will be getting flowers from Pike's Place Market. Originally I ordered the bouquet because I was worried that I wouldn't have a good selection of flowers this time of year. Well, we went to Pike's Place on Saturday and they still have a beautiful selection of flowers. We will go again on Friday or Saturday and get flowers to make my bouquet. It will be gorgeous.

Family will start arriving this week. Sara's sister, Sadie, and her boyfriend, Derek, will arrive first - on Wednesday. They will be put to work immediately. :-) My Mom, Grandma, and at least one Uncle will be arriving on Friday. Sara's Uncle Jim, his wife (Melia), and Cameron, and her Aunt Lucille will arrive on Friday as well. I'm not sure if my Aunt Annie's family and Aunt Alice's family will arrive on Saturday or Sunday. I'm not sure when my sister, Michele, is arriving either. I think that's all of the out of town people. They all have places to stay, and though I love them all dearly, I'm glad none of them are staying at our house. They will probably be glad that they're not staying at our house. :-) If I'm this crazy six days before the wedding, what will I be like two days before the wedding??? Yikes! I can't even think about that.

Though I am freaking out, things are coming together. We did some shopping in Seattle this past weekend and got a lot accomplished. We do still have some loose ends to finish up, but it will all get done. I think that most of our big projects are complete. Everything left seems to be little details.

Gretchen came over yesterday and did some cleaning. That was immensely helpful. With all of the things we've had to do, our housework has taken a significant hit.

I have to leave to pick up Logan for lunch in about 30 minutes. That's enough time to do some notes before I go...

It's possible that this will be my last post until the wedding, but we'll see...

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